Rotavi Private Game ReserveRotavi Private Game Reserve
Hunting Safaris

Hunting SafarisRotavi’s philosophy regarding its fauna and flora centres around creating, complementing and enhancing the Waterberg greenbelt area thereby allowing biodiversity to flourish. Rotavi’s game management program is focused on animal gene pool and specie optimization coupled with sustainable utilization and protection of its wide variety of plant life, grasses and trees. Accordingly, both game capture and hunting form an important component to this game management program.

Over the years, Rotavi has established itself as a premier hunting destination for both local and international hunters. It has two full time Professional Hunters together with six experienced tracker guides. Rotavi is fully equipped with complete slaughtering and butchery facilities including two cold rooms.

The Rotavi hunting experience can be enjoyed in either of two formats, being:

‘Trophy’ hunting - Rotavi conducts an annual game census and determines its population of ‘true trophies’ - these trophies are hunted between May and September, mainly by international clients accompanied by their local Outfitter/ Professional Hunter.

‘Biltong’ hunting - Rotavi markets between six and eight  ‘biltong hunts’ every year. These hunts, which typically last for 3 or 4 days, have become highly sought-after by families, corporate and hunting groups. The biltong-hunting season commences in May and continues until the end of August each year. Rotavi subscribes to ethical and safe hunting procedures in accordance with the guidelines issued by PHASA thereby ensuring that the principle of a ‘Fair Chase’ is maintained.

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